7 ways Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bulldogs are basically the same thing

I’m going to start this by saying that I think Arnold is a pretty awesome guy. I also really like bulldogs. Let’s get this started then.

1: They both have wrinkly faces
To be fair this is may not to be Arnold from the movies, but it is certainly Arnold the politician, and those are 2 wrinkled faces!

2: They are both known to wear some strange costumes
Why somebody thought that this was an appropriate way to dress a dog is beyond me… but I am happy they did it.

3: They are both prone to bad-ass-ery
funny gifs
I mean, nuff said here.

4: They are both know to dress like royalty
Beautiful Bulldog_Hutc (14)
I’m not sure what country that this dog is supposed to be king of but I would go there. I feel like they would have nothing but fire hydrants and beef jerky, but the people would be happy.

5: They can both be uncomfortable around kids
This picture is… unsettling.

6: They both enjoy going on walks
arnold_schwarzenegger_collateral_damage_004 - Copy
Adelle gets points for being awesome and owning a bull dog… and that little singing career she does.

7: Sometimes people think they have tumors when they don’t
This one is a bit of stretch, but are you really complaining? I just gave the opportunity to stay “IT’S NOT A TUMOR!” in the Arnold voice. That’s got to be worth something right?


So there you have my list of pictures of two equally awesome things. I hope you enjoyed this, because I did!

Best regards,
B.G. Carter

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