B.G. Carter (Primary Contributor)

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My name is B.G. Carter, and I describe myself as a socialist, atheist, (mostly) strict vegan, feminist-ally, anti-authoritarian post-modern relativist, bleeding heart scientist, millennial with an exquisite mustache. Occasionally, I make Chiptune music under the moniker 8BitBen.

I try to be pretty progressive with the ways that think, with a bit of humor punched in there where it’s appropriate. My goal is to write media that is inclusive of race, ethnicity, gender, Socioeconomic Status (SES), class, people who fall on the LGBTQ* spectrum, people with disabilities, people with mental health concerns, and people with differing residency statuses. This is a constant process of checking my privilege, engaging in active self-reflection, and represents a dynamic state of being.

I am currently in grad school studying to become a Clinical Psychologist that works with children and adolescents. I have primarily experienced the study of psychology as a science as opposed to a practice, so there is a learning curve at times. Writing for MTE is nice because I can free myself from stuffy psychological reports and term papers, though I have little formal training as a professional writer.

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