Boomers give Millennials a talking to: The Hippy Generation VS the Hipster Generation

Boomers vs. Millennials

Baby Boomer and Millennial

The conversation

This one of the most frustrating conversations to hear as a Millennial, and we hear it a lot. Every Boomer seems to love to tell us Millennials how unanimously warped our generation is, and how we will run the world into the ground. This is coming from the generation that brought us this lovely singer…

Thank you Ted Nugent for again proving to the world that you are completely bat-shit crazy.

Everywhere you look older people are telling us that we are weak, entitled, obsessed with technology (and that this is bad rather than progressive), that we are lazy, stupid, and basically worse than Hitler. Millennial bashing has reached a new low too. In a recent article Elizabeth Wurtlel, author of Prozac Nation, claims that we are the LAMEST GENERATION.

“I agree that Generation Z-for-Zero had the world’s worst array of coddling parents and I agree that college debt sucks something awful, but that can’t explain the complete sign of no life at all.”

Elizabeth Wurtzel
Thanks for the passive aggressive understanding. Your compassion has been noted

Basically she is saying that, “Even though I am aware that the world is completely fucked up, you Millennials just suck because I don’t understand you.”

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Seriously? The boomer generation burned the world to the ground, literally in several instances, right when all us millennials were just old enough to understand what was going on, but we had absolutely no power to stop it. Our formative adult years have been consumed by crushing debt, wars over a decade long, economic inequality not seen since the gilded age, and political polarization that makes it look like the South and North Sides of magnets are the best of friends.

Come over here and say that to my face!

Boarding on being a Luddite… scratch that, being a Luddite… Wurtzel basically says that we have not done enough as a generation. My guess is she has not heard of the internet…

“I blame the Internet, for everything really, most especially for the coarseness like sea salt that has taken over.” – Elizabeth Wurtzel

Well then, apparently she has heard of it.

Back when she was a 20 something, this is what “the” internet was.

This opinion really just amounts to the older generation not appreciating what the newer generation has accomplished, because what we have done is new and scary! I for one am getting a little tired of this narrative. Millennials using twitter have repeatedly changed the world, we created facebook, or at very least we are what made it a multi-billion dollar enterprise. We have had a higher college graduation rate than any other generation before us, we have come into adulthood at literally THE WORST ECONOMIC SITUATION SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION, and guess what Elizabeth Wurtzel…

We are thriving.

She complains that our “internet friends” are not real friendships, that it is not “real” life. It is a new type of life, a new way do ding things. It is an ideal that hearkens back to the days of the hippies… hmm, who were they again? You complain that there is too much media everywhere, on account of the internet. I look at that and see it as a triumph to how creative our generation is… and most of us wont even get paid for what we do

I know I’m not

If you are a millennial, remember that you are facing UNBELIEVABLE economic adversity, the deck is stacked against you. But do not let this crush you, oh no, use this to your advantage. Take your time to find what you enjoy in life, do that, maybe someday you can make money off of it. Maybe not; who cares?

We may not be the richest generation, the boomers have seen to not letting that happen, but maybe we can be the happiest.

Best regards,
B.G. Carter

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