Colorado Senator Says it was a “good thing” that Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes had 100 round magazine

This is by far one of the most absurd pro gun arguments that any one has ever made. Bernie Herpin, a state senator from Colorado, was speaking about the Aurora movie theater shooting. To recap, James Holmes went into a packed movie theater with a 100 round magazine, a high capacity clip, and opened fire. 12 people died, and 58 were injured.

MAG5-100 High-Capacity Magazine, 100-Round Produced by Surefire

Shortly after this horrific incident, Colorado enacted a law to ban the sales of such high capacity clips. In the age of political obstetricians around any issue even mentioning the word gun, the law finally reflected something logical. That is until Colorado Republicans decided to get the law repealed.

But that’s not what is more bat-shit crazy than actual guano.

Look at the cute cartoon bat, how could something that cute be bad? By shitting on everything you love, thats how.

“As it turns out, that was maybe a good thing that he had a 100-round magazine because it jammed,” – Republican Senator Bernie Herpin, Colorado Springs

Let’s just break down HOW stupid this is. Firstly, the most obvious thing, he couldn’t have shot so many people if his clip had been smaller. This is literally elementary school math. The Colorado law prohibits anything past 10 round clips. Injured and dead combined, Holmes shot 70 people. Shooting 70 people is pretty hard to do with 10 bullets.

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Secondly, as a politician, or a human being who exists in society in any capacity, you should be able to see the issue with saying “that was a good thing,” when referring to mass murder. I understand what he was intending to say, but seriously man, you should know by now that it wasn’t a good thing at all. NO part was good.

Lastly, is he seriously implying that because Holmes may have used a crappy high capacity clip, that somehow it is now OK for other people to own them? Imagine if we applied this same logic to speed laws. “Well this guy we caught speeding last week had a piece of shit car, so I think its fine if we make the speed limits ten times faster now.”

I’m willing to bet the back seat of this gem has seen it fair share of shaking… most likely from massive transmission problems

Come on republicans, I, and the rest of the American public, do not expect very much from you at this point. If you make it all the way through a day of work without your pants falling off, we are generally happy. But this is really a new low.

If you would like to tell Sen. Bernie Harpin how you feel about his recent statements feel free to tell him at twitter or contact him via his email.

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B.G. Carter

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