Da Octopusss is stirring Cthulhu, waiting in his vaulted city of R’lyeh

Da Octopusss

Da Octopusss
You know what, today I’m thinking I’m gonna dress up like an Octopus

If you are not following these guys already, do it now. Go to soundcloud and just do it! You will not be disappointed! All of their stuff is excellent, and they are entertaining as hell!

“…from aboard their submarine, moored to their mechanical arsenal, Octopusss intends to make their voice heard.” – Da Octopusss

These guys are very obviously into H.P. Lovecraft, which I am OK with. There is not much known about Da Octopusss yet, they have been around from about 2 or 3 years now best I can tell. They produce on Kraken Inc Rec., which seems oddly appropriate…

Shortly after finishing this sketch, H.P. Lovecraft went back to talking to his cats… perfectly sane…

If you don’t know what I am talking about with H.P. Lovecraft, GOOD! Keep it that way, the more you know the worse things get for you! If you do know what I am talking about then it is too late for you anyways, so might as well lose your grip on reality listening to Da Octopus.

Hit up their facebook page. Dance all night to these crazy cephalopods!

Best Regards,
B.G. Carter

From below the great depths of the ocean dead Cthulhu waits dreaming in his vaulted city of R’lyeh. Through the halls echo a sound which stirs him from his slumber, a pulsing beat, growing ever quick it reaches the mighty malevolent god. Starting slowly at first, it build and builds, somewhere in deep dark swamps evil men and women dance in ecstasy to the beats, the beat ever growing as the dark god wakes. It comes to a feverish crescendo, until poised at an unfathomable expectancy, the beat drops and the dark god opens his eyes. He hears the calls echoing through his mighty halls, the calls of Da Octopusss.

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