FunkBang, all of our Bass are belong to you. Check out this new funk metal band out of Poland.

FunkBang is exactly what you would expect


FunkBang w Rocker Club

So… this band is rough. I will say that, the audio on all of the recordings is… well… it sucks.

However, if you can see past their COMPLETE lack of recording skills, and listen to their musical talents… oh man. These guys are about as funky as it gets, laying down some killer 90’s style funk metal that will rock you more than Mohammad Ali rocked Sonny Liston.

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee… a bee with a big stinger… in the shape of my fist. Now that I’m thinking about it, butterflies don’t float either…

These guys make me reminiscing to the good old days when bands like the Infectious Grooves, and early Red Hot Chili Peppers actually got radio play. FunkBang lays it down hard. Real hard. The driving bass lines these guys are pulling out are just plain sick, and I think I even heard a beat drop at some point. Check them out just killing “Call Me Maybe”… no lyrics sadly, though by now I’m sure that you have them memorized. I know I do!

I just met you, and this is CRAAAZY, you’re a funk metal band, so lay down the bass baby!

I can’t tell you to much about these guys, FunkBang doesn’t even have a wikipedia page yet, but here is what I do know. They are still relatively new, forming in 2012, and they are all from Poland, I think. I pulled their info from their facebook page, and google translate said it was Polish, there’s my best guess. The band consists of Thomas Haptara on guitar, David Musiałowskiego on drums, keyboardist Tom Dziubałka, and that man rocking the bass is Peter Jędrzejewski. They also appear to have recently picked up a vocalist, Marta Zywar, but I don’t think there are any recordings yet .

I can’t quite tell if all the distortion is intentional or if it is just from the fact that this show was obviously recorded on a cell phone. Either way, FunkBang is clearly in need of some better recordings for sure, because I would love to hear more of these guys! Hit up their facebook page and give them a like, if nothing else because you just watched their free music.

Best regards,
B.G. Carter

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The BASS! It’s to much!

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