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HTML code is an STD?

Now we all worry about getting a virus on the internet, but this is really absurd! The survey, from VoucherCloud.net, claims that 12% of all Americans think that the programming code HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is in fact an STI. There seems to be some red flags with this survey, perhaps this story is little more that clever marketing. I’m not giving it all that much credence until I see more data on this.

Have you been tested for HTML lately?

Lets just more forward as if we could say that it is a real story. At first glance this story is hilarious, and it opens the door to SO MANY puns. A man goes to the STD clinic to get tested because he went on line, a woman is concerned because her computer screen likes like it has an infection. We could do this all day. Hilarious.

HTML code is an STD
How much does the doctor charge for a virus scan?

What this tells me is that we have failed 12% of Americans in properly educating them about STD/STIs. This is not so good.

When people are educated about STD/STIs they are MUCH less likely to get them. We have all heard the ridiculous stories of the ways people think AIDs from somebody living with the illness. Holding hands, sneezing, being looked at funny, etc…

If 12% of our citizens do not know the difference between a computer code, and serious medical illnesses, imagine how much they know about safe sex practices. Kinda a scary thought if you have ever had sex with anyone.

So this report is silly, probably misleading/fake, and very funny. But it also sheds light on the very real problem of improper sex education, which is not as fun.

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PS. I think that this should not need to be said but if you are in that 12% and are wondering “Is HTML code is an STD?” it is not…

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