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Hunx and His Punx

Hunx and his Punx

If you like stripped down, raw, grungy, dissonant, minimal, abrasive, harsh, awesome punk music, you will LOVE Hunx and his Punks. I know I am a fan!

Bad Skin

You Think You’re Tough


Treading the line between old school Rockabilly, Post-punk revival, and hark core punk, this trio puts out a sound very distinctly their own. Based out of San Fransico, Hunx and His Punx have gone through quite a bit of turmoil in their line up. But they have finally settled on Seth Bogart, Shannon Shaw, and Quick Emslie for the finial line up… at least for now that is. Hunx and his Punx most recent work has been their “Street Punks” LP, featuring a cover of the Beistie Boys early hard core punk classic, “Egg Raid on Mojo”.

Egg Raid on Mojo- Hunx and his Punx

Egg Raid on Mojo – The Beastie Boys

This song is apparently about a band promoter that ripped of the Beastie Boys early on in their career. As retaliation, they egged him. Not his house but him.

If you are looking for a punk band to shake you up, give you some raw rage, check these guys out. Hit up their Facebook page, or go to their website. There you can buy a very classy t-shirt that says 1-800 BLOW ME. I only bring this up because that would equate to 1-800-256-963, which isn’t even enough for a full number. I would say that somebody should let them know this, but I am pretty confident in what their response might be…

If you are in the San Fransico area, go see them. But don’t stand to close to the stage, because according to a 2011 interview, some… bodily fluids… have been know the enter the audience from time to time. Its like Blue Man Group at these shows, so bring a poncho or something. They are a punk band, completely true to form.

Best regards,
B.G. Carter

Intergalactic – Beastie Boys

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