Update to Idaho Senate Bill 1337: What the LITERAL f*** people!?

Idaho Senate Bill 1337

Update: it passed…

I recently wrote a post about Idaho Senate Bill 1337. As a recap, this was an ag-gag bill that would criminalize whistle blowers attempts to film inside of farms. This would essentially shut down any attempts of animal rights organizations to capture evidence of animal abuse taking place in Idaho farms.

The passage of this bill means that there will be a stronger legal precedent for other states to implement ag-gag bills. Idaho Senate Bill 1337 is a sad victory for criminal abusers of animals. This will open up the door for bills such as the Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act (AETA), brought to you by these assholes. AETA would make it an ACT OF TERRORISM to film inside of a farm.

9/11 = filming criminals breaking the law.

Sorry to be such a downer. Here is a picture of a cute puppy to chear you up some.
puppies against Idaho Senate Bill 1337
As an animal, I am against animal abuse.

Well, next time lets hope for the best. I can tell you that because of this story I have given up Dairy. I mean, sexually abusing a cow!? What the LITERAL fuck people!?

Best regards,
B.G. Carter

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