Keystone Pipeline Protesters Arrested: 1000+ at the White house, dozens arrested

Keystone Pipeline Protesters Arrested

Key stone protesters
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The controversial Keystone pipeline saw some push back today outside of the White House. According to NBC, at least 1000 protesters showed up, leading to dozens of arrests. The Keystone Pipeline protesters arrested had strapped themselves to the fence surrounding the White House.

Many of the other protesters had smeared themselves with ink so they could simulate what an oil spoil would look like. This is one of the major concerns with the proposed pipeline.

Keystone Pipeline Protesters Arrested
Image credit= TIME swampland
Smear ourselves with ink? Yeah, that’ll show them!

The pipeline has not yet been approved and is still open to public comment. January 31 marked when the State Department put forth its Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) regarding the Keystone XL pipeline project. The public will be available to make formal comments, that will be considered by the State Department, until March 7th. The public comments deadline is undoubtedly what sparked the protest today. (source = United For Action

The protesters are concerned the the pipeline posses a risk for an oil spill that could contaminate the largest drinking water supply in the US, the Ogallala Aquifer. If this aquifer were to be contaminated, the protesters… uh… protest, this would create a massive water shortage for America. They go on to say that the increased abundance of oil would only serve to heighten the carbon emissions problem we already face.

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“Keystone Pipeline Protesters Arrested? Pfff, whatever.” – Average American

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