Kubbi, the savior of my childhood musical world



If you asked me to describe Kubbi’s music, I would say that it is like my childhood was eaten by a computer and then that computer was being shot through a cannon into my ears. An explosion of epic, awesome nostalgia and modern day appreciation ensues.

Through his simple chiptune style he is able to create vivid and immerse worlds that bring me back to the days when my greatest concerns were min/maxing my party’s armor at the merchant, and what happened to all of the people from Sector 7.

If you don’t know exactly what is about to happen next, I envy you…
Image from = http://finalfantasy.istad.org/

Kubbi goes beyond 8 bit video game music, and that is not meant to slight video game music. Have you heard the Bastion sound track!? Kubbi pulls from many different electronica styles to create a uniquely innovative sound, while staying so true to the chiptune genera that even a purist couldn’t dis this.

Tidal Force (Renovation Mix)

What is Chiptune and why does spell check always try to correct it?

Most people, at least cool people, have heard of chiptune, but most have no idea what the heck they are listening to. “This is that video game music,” they will say with either bemusement or disdain.

Chiptune is a style of electronica that resembles old school, vintage video game music, in all of its amazing glory! Having grown up playing video games for gratuitous amounts of time, giving me the complexion of bleached paper and the physique of play dough, Chiptune is a beautiful blend of the past and present for me. It is a synthesis of the music style I grew up listening to, with my more adult sensibilities… or lack there of.

There are two ways to go about making Chiptune music. The first is to emulate old consul systems on a computer. I think that it is fair to assume that most of us know a thing or two about emulating old games on a computer. This is going to be a relatively simple process to accomplish: install program onto computer box, run said program, create awesome!

OK, that’s pretty cool, right, making a virtual consul system on your computer?

The second way is to solder some connections and microchips into old video game systems and use the actual sound boards in them to create music… let that sink in for a minute… using your old systems to create music… How freaking cool is that!? You can use the actual legacy hardware from yesterday year to make modern music!

kubbi chiptune gameboy example
Even in death I will continue to serve!

Vitamin B12

As if Kubbi wasn’t cool enough, this track is an nod to the folks at Adventure Time

Go listen to Kubbi

Kubbi gets my full enforcement as a freaking super, bad-ass chiptune artist. He is pretty much a max level black Mage. which if you don’t know, that is a good thing to be. But then again if you don’t know what I am talking about you probably don’t read my blog.

This guy is from my favorite game, and don’t care what you have to say about that either!

In addition to being awesome songs, they all come with awesome art work. Alex de la Cruz is the artist behind a lot the track art for Kubbi’s songs on soundcloud. Go check out his work here on his tumblr page.

If you are an avid Chiptune fan, you will love Kubbi. If this is your first time ever hearing the word chiptune, you will love Kubbi. If you have working ears, you will love Kubbi. Hell, even if you are deaf, just crank up one of the more bass heavy tracks and go nuts!

Best regards,
B.G. Carter

PS. Go hit up Kubbi’s Facebook page and give him a like. You would be surprised how much this helps people.

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