Suspected rock turns out to ACTUALLY be a rock

On January 8th NASAs curiosity rover found an image of a rock that wasn’t there days earlier. People freaked out. Everyone in the UFOlogy world was sure that it was an alien life form.
Just to be clear, we are talking about this thing… which is obviously a rock.

The fact that this is clearly a rock did not deter one California man from SUING NASA for not looking at the rock enough… Let me repeat that, he sued NASA because he thought that this rock was alive, and NASA didn’t look at the rock enough.

Dr. Steve Squyres sued NASA, over a rock. I am immediately questioning what he is a Doctor of, maybe he is more like Doctor Who, doctor in name only. But unlike the Doctor Dr. Squyres will not be saving the world anytime soon. Instead he will waste valuable resources in our legal system. This is clearly the best use of our legal system’s time. Rapist, murderers, embezzlers step aside, NASA is coming through!
Why didn’t I look at that rock more? I’m such a failure.

Yesterday, NASA thoroughly debunked the alien life form, dubbed Pinnacle Island by curiosity’s imaging systems. So let’s all move on with our lives now.
Today’s your day NASA, you’re free to go.

But thinking rocks are aliens is nothing new. Here is a an absolutely ridiculous video where the author shows you 5 mins of pictures from curiosity and with each one asks you, “ALIEN!? or rock?” (I’m paraphrasing a bit).

The answer is rock. It is rock every time. Mars is a dead planet. There is not life scurrying around on that big red ball. If there is life on Mars, it is most likely going to be very, very, very small.

Best regards,
B.G. Carter

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