The Anger Stone

Stay mad

Are you mad today? Good. Stay mad. Are you a woman in America who is just furious right now because a president who is an admitted sexual assaulter just appointed another assaulter to the supreme court? Good. Stay mad. Are you a person of color mad at all the times you have had to watch police behave like they are above the law? Good. Stay mad. Are you a child mad that you have to fear gun violence inside your school? Good. Stay mad. Are you a transgender person who is mad because you just want to use the fucking bathroom? Good. Stay mad. Are you an person of indigenous ancestry mad that the government is taking away your land, again, for the one hundredth time? Good Stay mad. Are you mad that the government is killing the planet? Are you mad that politicians only care about getting elected? Are you mad that our schools and prisons are both run by corporations? Are you mad that no one seems to care that the whole world is falling apart!? Are you mad right now!? Are you pissed at all of the bullshit that you see every single day on the news!? Are you just fuming about all of this shit right now!? GOOD. STAY MAD.

This is my rage nugget. I will carry this with me as a reminder of how mad I am at Trump and his ilk. It will be my daily reminder of my anger today.

I want you to do something with that anger. I want you hold in your hands right now. I want you to squeeze it down into a little stone. I want you to transmute that anger into something that you can hold in the palm of your hand. I want you to look at this little rock of pure anger. Marvel at it. I want you to feel the heat that it puts off. I want you watch as it vibrates with rage before you. This stone is your anger from this moment forward. I want you to take that stone and put it inside your pocket. I want you to carry that anger with you where ever you go, everyday. From now on, this stone, this angry little rock, will be your source of strength.

The next time you are on the bus and you hear someone make a shitty comment about somebody using a wheelchair “slowing down everybody,” want you to put your hand in your pocket and pull out this stone. Hold it in your hand. I want you to feel the anger. Use that anger to the tell that person to be quiet if you can. The next time you hear someone make a casually racist joke, pull out your stone, and tell that person what a jerk they are. The next time you are taking to your boss and they start slut shamming or victim blaming, dig down into your pocket and pull out your stone. Use it to tell those people who have power over you that you will not accept their bull shit anymore. This little stone will be you source of strength from now on.

Keep that anger stone in your pocket

Never throw that stone. If you throw that stone away in a fit of violence, you will have lost that anger forever. Do not do that. That stone is small and it cannot do much damage used that way. Using that stone for violence will only make more anger stones for other people. We don’t want that. We want a world without anger stones. Violence is a waste of that anger, that precious fueling anger. To throw that stone away misses the point of why we carry around anger in the first place.


When you advocate violence, ask yourself, is this what I want? Is this the world I aspire to create?

Don’t let go of that anger you feel today, not yet. There will come a day when we all need to cast aside our angry little stones. On that day we will let them slip through our fingers and fall to the ground. They will get pressed into the dirt as we walk by them. After enough of us have let go of anger, after enough anger stones have been pressed into the mud, we will realize that now we have path to follow. This path will be paved with the stones of our past, a past we are creating right now in this moment of history. It will make it easier for those that come after us to see the road we walked down. They will thank us for holding our stones for as long as we did. They will thank us for having the wisdom to get rid our anger when we did.

Those days are far away right now. It will be a long time before we can let go of this anger. For now, keep that anger stone in your pocket.

The old way

You might be saying to yourself, “but anger is bad.” This is a lie that someone forced you to believe. Anger is not bad. Anger is sword that defends the weak. Anger is the voice that shouts above the crowd. Anger is the medicine we need to live. Anger is the food that we eat. Anger is the spirit inside of fighters. Anger is the will to survive. Anger is the only way that anything ever changes. Anger is fire that burns down the old world. And right now, it is becoming more and more clear, that the old way of thinking needs to stop.

You might be asking yourself, “what is the old way of thinking?” You already know what it is. It is every time your teacher shamed you for not knowing something. It is every parent that has said that “boys will be boys.” It is every boss you have had that has demanded that you give them not your time but your life. It is every person that has ever thought that they have the right to control you, to tell you what to think, to tell you what to feel, to tell you who to be. The old way is every person that thinks that they have the right to own somebody else. This old way needs to stop. The end of the old way has started today.

Pick up your anger. Turn into something hard. Some thing tangible you can hold.

Pick up your anger stone and carry it without you all the time.

Don’t for a second tell yourself that you are over reacting. You are not. Whatever it is that you are mad about today, you are not over reacting. The world has taught us all to under react. That ends with us. That ends with the old way. We are going to bring the world into the new way of thinking. From now on, we are going to take our anger with us where ever we go. We are going to force the world to see it, to hear it, to taste it, to smell it. The world will feel our anger. It will rush over this planet like a rising tide, washing away the corruption, the bigotry, the racism, the misogyny, the dis-empowerment, the exploitation, the profits over people mindset, the lurch into fascism, the neo-liberal dogma, the buying and selling of people, figuratively and literally. It will wash away the hatred. It will wash away our nihilism. Your anger stone will make this happen.

We will win.


Speak truth to the powerful and watch their power crumble.

They fear us

The powerful know what is coming. They have always known what is coming. They have been trying to delay it for as long as they can. Their time is up. There will be no more delay. We are too angry now.

The powerful are afraid of us. They look at our lives with fear; the authenticity of our struggle makes them shiver. They have tried to convince us that the rich are the minority because they are few. They lie to us. They lie to themselves. They lie. They have always lied. Their lives are built on lies. The powerful are powerful not because they are different from us but because they have convinced us that they are different. Nothing more. Nothing less. They lie.

MLK million man march

“A lie cannot live.” – MLK

The powerful have a chill in their bones. It is a dread creeping in. They feel us coming for them. They feel our anger radiating from us. They know that we finally see them. They know that the we see them naked; the emperor has no clothes. They are afraid of us. What they fear is simple. They fear that we will treat them the same way they have treated us. We should. They deserve it. But we won’t. We know better then they ever did. We know that on the day that we win, that we should drop our stones, not throw them. You cannot hold hands with others, especially your enemies, when your hands are carrying stones.

They cannot see what we see. They cannot feel what we feel. We know that we can build a better world. We know it. We can see it in our hearts and minds. We have read about this better world in books, or seen them in movies and television, or heard them is songs, or seen them in pictures. The artists and scientists have shown us their visions of this better world. They have created the picture that we need to paint on the canvas. We need only take the brushes away from the powerful, so that we may paint. They know that we are coming for them and they are afraid.

Be mad as fucking hell

Not all of us will drop our stones. Some of us will nurture our anger stones, make them larger. They will grow immense, the size of boulders. They will be unwieldy burdens for those who carry them. These people will take their anger and chip away at it, craving into it, turning rough, unhewn rock into the cornerstones that will form our new institutions. These will be our leaders. They will be anger, so anger their anger may hurt to look at. But we must look at it. We must help them carry their burden, sharing the load, spreading their message to whomever will listen. We must all support them when their causes are worthy. We must challenge them to be better leaders when they falter. We must support them.

They are already here.

They are the children fighting the gun lobby, the protesters chanting that their lives matter, they are ones getting sprayed with water hoses in winter, they are the brave everyday people sharing their stories, they are the new people running for office who have never been in politics before. They are victims refusing to stay quiet. They are survivors becoming supports for others. They are those who are speaking loudly. We should listen. We should learn. We should multiply.


dekota pipeline protests

Photo Source Photo credit: Richard Tsong-Taatarii/Minneapolis Star Tribune/ZUMA Wire/Newscom

Are you mad today? Good. Stay mad. Get other people mad too. Stay mad. Do you not know what to do? Have you registered to vote? Good. Have you tried volunteering to get others registered? Great. Put signs up in your yard and windows. Tell the world what you think about things, controversy be dammed. Telling your neighbors that undocumented individuals are people is not “getting political,” it is stating facts about human dignity. Do not apologize for believing in human dignity, do not hide it either. Telling the people you work with that a sexual assaulter doesn’t belong in the supreme court isn’t being controversial, it is being logical. And if they tell you to stop, and someone will, you remember that anger stone you carry with you from today. Use it in that moment. Get mad. Tell them you’re mad and why you’re mad. And DO NOT feel sorry for it either.

We can fix this world. We can. It is dark right now. It will get darker before it gets brighter again but it will get brighter. The sun will rise. The powerful will fall and we will take their place. Remember these lessons, avoid making the mistakes of the past. Follow the path of those who came before us.

But, for now, be mad as fucking hell.


Best regards,

B.G. Carter


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